Lux IT Solutions

Our goal is to positively impact the European IT recruitment landscape, creating meaningful connections that drive success for candidates and organizations alike.

About Us

Mission: Connect exceptional IT professionals with the right opportunities through personalized and humanized recruitment solutions. Foster lasting relationships with clients and candidates, driving growth, innovation, and success in the European IT industry.

Vision: Create a thriving European IT market where talent and organizations prosper together, empowered by meaningful connections and human-centered recruitment practices. As a technology and recruitment consulting company, we aim to revolutionize the recruitment experience, making it more humanized and rewarding.

Values: Prioritize individual needs and aspirations, recognizing the value of personal connections and unique qualities. Uphold the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and transparency. Embrace innovation, adaptability, and cutting-edge technologies for tailored recruitment solutions. Foster collaboration with clients and candidates as trusted partners, achieving superior outcomes together. Actively promote diversity and inclusion, providing equal opportunities for all. Strive for excellence, delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations.




Phone number

+352 691 112 633


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