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Database Administrator

Your tasks

Installing, configuring, patching, and upgrading Database servers, Database Management systems, and Databases as well as data modeling;

Configuring, patching, and upgrading virtual Servers and operating systems underlying the DBMSs, including Linux RedHat, CentOS, and Windows Server;

Enforce data security and data protection policies by managing security and database access, identifying and auditing user access to sensitive databases in compliance with procedures and regulations;

Backup and recovery: define, create, and schedule database backup plans and strategy, ensure restorability, integrate Database-level backups with Operating System-level backup systems like NetBackup, and manage Data Retention;

Define and gather critical performance metrics for DBMSs and OSs to ensure fast database performance using tools like SolarWinds DPA; assess data access patterns and query plans for improving performance by tuning and optimizing database queries;

Define, implement, schedule, and monitor scripts for automation of repetitive, recurring tasks using Bash, Puppet, Python, PowerShell, etc.;

Define, create, and implement DevOps pipelines for deploying database changes into production using Puppet, Azure DevOps, and FlyWay.


  • University degree in IT or relevant discipline, combined with a minimum 7 years of experience as an ICT Consultant in large-scale enterprise environments, tasked with systems administration of mission-critical production systems;
  • More than 5 years of experience in Database Administration with sensitive data in complex high-security environments;
  • More than 4 years of experience in Database Administration with the following tools and technologies: Maria DB, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, Mariabackup, and MySQLbinlog as well as PostgreSQL, pgAdmin, pgBackRest, and Patroni;
  • Knowledge of methodologies for Conceptual and Physical data modeling, data model normalization, and Entity-Attribute-Relationship diagramming;
  • Knowledge of complex enterprise architectures and advanced ICT Solution designs, including Micro Services;
  • Knowledge of ITIL processes for systematic management of complex IT environments;


- Position: Database Administrator

- Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

- Working Arrangement: The candidate must be available to work outside standard office hours, participating in 24x7 shift rotation (to work in evenings and weekends) and work on premises 1 or 2 days per week.

EU Candidates due to Security Clearance.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

Nature of tasks:

Perform business analysis for BI and other IT solutions and Studies
Product management of assigned product
Data warehouse design
Data modelling
Design ETL processes
Testing ETL and BI solutions individually or in collaboration with other teams
General competencies and skills (advantageous):

Experience in Business Analysis for BI solutions
Experience as Data warehouse designer
Experience in requirements elicitation and Business Analysis using best practices (BABOK)
Experience working with work item management tools (e.g. Azure DevOps, TFS or Jira)
Experience producing and maintaining design documentation
Experience in product management
Proactive communication and collaboration skills in a multidisciplinary team
Experience in business process analysis using BPMN
Experience in Sparx Enterprise Architect
Experience of working in an Agile environment
Work experience in the area of public health
Education and professional experience:

Minimum 3 years of business analysis for BI work experience
University degree with minimum 4 years of experience in IT OR non university degree with minimum 7 years of experience in IT
Location: Stockholm, Sweden (50% on-site in the office and 50% remote work from a location maximum 2 hours away from Stockholm)

Duration: 3 years + extensions

CV template: Europass - Create your Europass CV | Europass

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